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Committed to creating a fun, friendly, and experienced daycare environment

About our facility

  • We have three indoor and three large outdoor play areas. The three separate play areas allow us to separate dogs based upon size and/or temperament as needed. 
  • Custom outdoor play equipment specifically designed for dogs
  • Our indoor play areas are climate controlled so your dogs will be kept warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Our indoor play areas have rubber flooring which provides your dog with a non-slip surface that reduces stress on their legs and paws.

From the owner, Amanda

I have always loved animals. If you were to ask anyone and everyone who knows me one fact about me I can almost guarantee that one hundred percent would respond with something along the lines of me loving animals. If I could provide every animal in the world a loving home I would. Just ask my husband, Alex, he will tell you. What started out as one fur baby for us turned into two which turned into adding a cat and finally one more cat. Two cats and two dogs complete our perfect fur family.

Meet Our Team

The Puppy Paradis crew. Our team is passionate about creating great customer experiences. That goes for dogs, and people!

Amanda Paradis Puppy Paradis Salem NH

Amanda Paradis Batista


Alex Batista Puppy Paradis Salem NH

Alex Batista

Facilities Director

Our crate free philosophy

  • Crate free = stress free. If your dog is used to having freedom to walk around, play and sleep wherever they prefer at home, being put in a crate can cause them to feel anxious, lonely, stressed and/or bored. 
  • Crates prevent dogs from being able to indulge in their natural instincts and desires – socializing with other dogs and/or people. Dogs come to Paradis to play. We don’t believe in placing them in a crate therefore preventing them from being able to do just that.
  • During a sleepover your dog can choose if they want to cuddle with one of their fur friends, cuddle with a staff member or have some time to themself in their personalized suite. 
  • Being crate free will allow your dog to have so many other fur friends that they will not have the time to miss you as much! In turn you can have a worry free vacation knowing that you will come home to a tired, happy dog!