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Covid-19 Update and Reopening!

By April 28, 2020 No Comments

Tucker and Laila have an exciting announcement to make!

As much as they have enjoyed spending their days social distancing in the mountains, Monday May 11th they are heading back to the ‘office’ to reopen Puppy Paradis! We have missed our fur friends so much and we are looking forward to being back in Paradis with all of them! We really appreciate everyone’s understanding in having closed for a short time. During such uncertainty we wanted to have health our number one priority. We hope you have all stayed healthy and will be able to return soon for some play time! Upon opening our doors ensuring our own health as well as the health of our customers will continue to be of utmost importance.
Here’s what we’re doing to stay healthy and get through this crisis together:

1. If you yourself is exhibiting symptoms of the CoronaVirus I ask that you PLEASE refrain from bringing your dog in for daycare. If you believe you may have come into contact with someone who is infected with the Virus I again ask that you please refrain from bringing your dog to daycare until you are sure you have not been infected yourself.

2. If you arrive for drop-off or pick up and notice another customer is inside, I ask that you please wait until they have exited before you enter yourself. I want to try as best as possible to have only one customer inside at a time.

3. If your dog gets lunch while with us I ask that you pre-measure their lunch and place it in a baggie that can be disposed of.

4. We will not be allowing any tours until further notice.

5. For those of you who do not purchase a multiple day daycare pass I ask that you please add a credit card to your online account if you have not already. This is so that at checkout we can charge the card directly online and eliminate the need to use the credit card machine or cash register. If you wish to you can remove the credit card info from your account once things return to normal.

6. Lastly, we will of course be disinfecting all surfaces that may harbor the virus.

We will resume our regular business hours 6am-6pm Monday through Friday. We will be closed on Saturday and Sunday until further notice.

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