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Daycare & Boarding

Easy Scheduling

Book online, or by phone. Plan ahead and setup recurring dates.

Competitive Rates

Save with multiple day passes that never expire.

Nights & Weekends

Plan longer trips with confidence your dog will be in good hands.

  • Bordatella (Kennel Cough)  – Yearly
  • Fecal exam – Biannually
  • Rabies  – 1 or 3 year vaccine
  • Distemper or Distemper combo shots such as DHPP or DHLPP  – 1 or 3 year vaccine
  • Leptospirosis – Not required but recommended. May be included with the Distemper series. (DHLPP)
  • Meals for your dog(s)
  • Personal items such as a blanket or toy if they wish
  • Medications/Supplements (we are happy to administer oral medications, topical ointments, eye-drops, insulin)

1 Dog $32
2+ Dogs $28 (per dog)

Reserve daycare ahead of time and enjoy a tired, well socialized pup!

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5 Pack – Daycare Pass

1 Dog $150
2+ Dogs $130 (per dog)

5 pack of daycare passes that never expire.

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10 Pack – Daycare Pass

1 Dog $290
2+ Dogs $250 (per dog)

10 pack of daycare passes that never expire.

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Daycare – Half Day

1 Dog $22
2+ Dogs $20 (per dog)

Book up to 5 hours of daycare. Great for getting through that Zoom meeting or going to the grocery store!

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5 Pack – Daycare Pass – Half Day

1 Dog $100

Do you have multiple meetings a week? Do you need a few hours to get things done on a regular basis? Then the 5 half day daycare pass is for you. Daycare passes do not expire.

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Monthly Daycare Subscription

1 Dog $499
2+ Dogs $450 (Per dog)

Our Monthly daycare subscription (30 days) allows you to drop off your dog any day we are open for daycare for 1 monthly rate. This is great for people always on the go and want to know their pup is always safe with us!

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Overnight Boarding (24h)

Send your dog for a fun sleepover with their fur friends! When having a sleepover, each dog is provided their own personal suite made cozy with a blanket, bed, toys if they wish and they of course receive tasty treats throughout their stay. Each suite is spacious enough for your pup to have room to play with toys or to sleep stretched all the way out from ears to the tip of their tail. We also have oversized suites suitable for dogs that want to cuddle up with their siblings while spending the night with us. Our goal is to make each pup feel like they’re in their own Paradis while staying with us.  

Our boarding is all-inclusive. This means there are no extra fees for administering medications, special meal requirements or for your pup to enjoy their time playing in daycare with their friends. Extra love and snuggles are always available to ensure and each every pup feels comfortable and content for the duration of their mini vacation!

1 Dog $59
2+ Dogs $50 (per dog)

Crate-free, suites for overnight

Boarding includes daycare at no additional cost

Note: 25% non-refundable deposit required upon reservation. Reservations must be made 48 hours in advance.

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Daycare Services

Morning drop-offs and evening pick-up

We’re open early, and late. Drop off your dog with us for the day, and pick up in the evening.


Monday-Friday: 6am – 6pm

Saturdays & Holidays: 8am – 5pm


24/7 on site service

Even while you’re away, there’s always someone to take care of your best friend.


$35 per day (Daycare)

New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve.

$64 per night (Boarding)

Memorial Day Eve, July 3rd and 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving eve, Thanksgiving day, December 24th – January 1st.

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